Our last years prototype was ok and we had learnings from a couple of childhood deseases. These will be improved with this year's machine! It shall come with a stronger chassis and drives, it will be shorter and sharper, and the inlet configuration will be changed, so that we cut the stems only after we caught them.
I had good talks at the ICBC in Berlin which again encouraged me to hold on because the market is waiting for it.



Update Jan 2017: Henrys Hempharvester in Nepal:
Happy new year, friends. As I already wrote, our year started with an amazing journey to Nepal. We supported our friends Dhiraj and Nivedita from SHIV in Janakpur, South-Nepal, in the improvement of the existing decortication units and the development of a new and more efficient and reliable hemp-processing line. Man, they are facing difficulties that we simply don't have! And they are doing an amazing and brave work there. You'...ll hear about the upcoming crowd funding, that will be raised to realize more of the adorable housing project for homeless 'untouchable' people and earthquake victims, mostly in remote places!
The negotiations with possible machine-producers start right now and I am convinced that we will have at least one fully industrial usable prototype of a hempharvester for this year's harvesting season....